Managing Busyness Evening Seminar

This seminar explores why people believe that their lives are becoming more and more hectic. It asks the question – are we actually any busier than previous generations or do we just think we are?

We take a look at what life used to be like before the current age of ‘data overload’ and how the advent of technology (in particular smartphones) has caused us to become addicted to consumption.

We then investigate the pressures of modern day life, the impact this has on our busy schedules and the problems that this is creating across society.

The latter part of the seminar helps you understand how to become more successful in managing your attention and avoiding becoming too busy. We provide some practical hints and tips to help you define what’s really important in your life and how to make sure you focus on those things, rather than the many surrounding distractions that often derail you.


Date: Tuesday 28th November 2017
Time: 7.30 – 9pm
Venue: School Hall, Holy Trinity Primary School, Marlow
Cost: £15 per person

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